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subject: asheville citizen-times amy interview

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november 21, 2008

indigo girl amy ray goes solo for orange peel show
by laura blackley

amy ray proves herself as much a force within the underground rock community=
as she's done as a latter-day folkie. as one half of the duo the indigo=
girls, ray has embarked on a solo career that abandons the stripped-down=
elements that are normally associated with an indigo girls show, favoring=
loud, crunchy guitars, punk-rock style drum and bass lines, and often times=
scathing social and political commentary within her lyrics. ray pays a=
visit to asheville in support of her newest release =93didn't it feel kinder=94=
(daemon 2008), and breathes new life into that dying art form - rock =91n'=
roll. take5 spoke with ray recently.

question: you've put out a new album, enlisting the help of a producer for=
the first time in your solo career. what inspired these decisions?

answer: the songs initially inspired everything. as i was thinking about=
doing another record, i wanted to challenge myself and take things to=
another level. i thought that (hiring a producer) would bring another level=
of musicality to the project, too. i talked with (drummer) melissa york,=
and she suggested that i consider working with greg (griffith). we got=
together and jammed and things just started coming together. musically, i=
think (the new record) is a little more expansive vocally, and a little=
more diverse.

q: i've read numerous times that it continues to surprise critics that your=
solo work is so vastly different from what you do with the indigo girls.=
why do you think this is?

a: i honestly have no idea, because i've done (the solo project) for so long=
now that it doesn't seem like it would be that big of a surprise. people=
that don't know the indigo girls' music that well consider us to be=
enmeshed in folk, when that's really not the case so much. but if people=
(hold onto) preconceived notions about the indigo girls' music being purely=
folk, then i guess this (solo stuff) would seem to come out of left field.

q: how does being a woman from the south inform what you do as an artist?

a: the south is so gothic and deep and fertile. (it's a place) that's rooted=
deeply in religion, the good and the bad of it. that very much informs the=
images that i see and the lens that i see them through. (i think) that=
religion informs writers and artists from here even if they don't come from=
a religious perspective. it just seeps into your language.

q: how can rock =91n' roll build community?

a: i think for one thing it's a space where everyone comes together. the=
live show itself is an important space. being next to somebody and sharing=
music and sweating and dancing - it's a very free feeling that breaks down=
barriers and gets past class and race and gender. people come together for=
activism, fundraising. (rock =91n' roll ) can definitely give a voice to the=

laura blackley writes about music for take5. e-mail her at=
additional facts
if you go

who: amy ray, with arizona and jennifer o'connor
when: 8 p.m. friday
where: the orange peel, 101 biltmore avenue
how much: $17.00 door
information: 225-5851
on the net:,

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