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  [ig-news] more videos/looking for 1996-08-26: mesa amphitheater - mesa, arizona  [carolyn <underdog@earthl]


date: tue, 01 jan 2008 12:05:56 -0700
from: carolyn <>
subject: [ig-news] more videos/looking for 1996-08-26: mesa amphitheater - mesa, arizona

hey there,

happy new year :   )

just wanted to give everyone a heads up that i have added 13 new video
titles to the downloads page on lifeblood, there is a lot of great material
in there, including these two standouts:

1989-01-26: the uptown lounge - athens, georgia (a different show that the
official release 'live at the uptown lounge')

1991-04-19: university of pennsylvania - philadelphia, pennsylvania

i was also wondering if anyone out there might have a copy of the fan
created dvd for the 1996-08-26: mesa amphitheater - mesa, arizona show and
be willing to share it either electronically or via snail mail.  on the
copy i have the #1 and the #5 vob files are corrupt.  if so please drop me
an e-mail.

there are a bunch more shows and clips that are being uploaded, there
should be a pretty steady stream of new links popping up on the main page
over the next couple of weeks:

thanks very much and enjoy  :   )


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