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  [ig-news] emily/don saliers article from augusta metro spirit  [sherlyn ko]


date: fri, 18 jan 2008 10:35:36 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] emily/don saliers article from augusta metro spirit

hi folks,

here's a little article about sunday's free concert by emily and her
father, from the augusta metro spirit.  you can read it online at:


- ---begin forwarded article---
sacred or secular?
by : stacey hudson

augusta, ga - even in dispute, the relationship between the sacred and
secular worlds brings more beauty than darkness. the conflict teaches
us, by its very existence, the depth of the human soul ? assuming the
soul exists, of course.

but resonant in the music of don and emily saliers is evidence of both
heart and soul. the acclaimed methodist musician and theologian, don,
and his folk-rock-star daughter,emily, make connections between the
cathedral and the concert hall for audiences in a series of
appearances called saturday night meets sunday morning music.

it is part concert, part lecture and part book tour. after all, the
pair did release a new book called, "a song to sing, a life to
live:reflections on music as spiritual practice." in it, they argue
that the experience of belting out bar songs may mimic the
psychosocial experience of singing in the sanctuary.

for an evening that combines music, theology and philosophy, the
father and daughter point out connections between the religious and

don recently retired as the william r. cannon distinguished professor
of theology and worship at emory university, where he also directed
the master of sacred music program.emily is one-half of the
multi-platinum-selling georgia folk-rock duo the indigo girls.

saturday night meets sunday morning music
with don and emily saliers
st. john united methodist church
sunday, jan. 20
3 p.m.

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