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date: wed, 17 sep 2008 10:28:25 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] wired review of difk

hey folks,

here's a short but nice review of "didn't it feel kinder" from wired.  you
can read it online at

also, access atlanta have a photo gallery from the chastain show up here:


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amy ray ditches 'indigo' folk for smoky rock
by scott thill
september 15, 2008 | 7:39:56 pm
categories: mp3s and music reviews, music news, shows

this year was a banner one for conscientious, crunchy rock. r.e.m. and nine
inch nails did their part, but who would have thought that one-half of the
indigo girls would connect as roughly and beautifully? well, pretty much
anyone who's followed the solo career of amy ray, i suppose. they probably
knew way ahead of me that didn't it feel kinder was going to kick righteous

which it does, across the board. the opener "birds of a feather," at right,
is a smoky, slow burn that's as rewarding as it is optimistic about a
future where men and women can be on the same page, no matter the book.
"blame is a killer" is killer stomp, as well as a warning to those who look
only outside rather than inside for not just problems but solutions. the
list goes on, and so do the great tunes.

ray is hitting the road, and i would recommend her show to those on the
lookout for an energetic live set with its head in the right place and its
heart full of throwback rock. she kicks off a month-long jaunt in nashville
on october 19 and wraps in atlanta on november 22.

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