lifeblood: listlogs: 2009-004


date:    wed, 21 jan 2009 00:30:34 -0500
from:    anna creech <>
subject: ot: music boomerang cd trading site

passing on a tip to my fellow die-hard ig list music fans: is a new cd trading site that was built by cd traders who
wanted a system that focused on maintaining the integrity of the medium. cds
traded there are shipped in reusable (eco-friendly) cardboard mailers with
room for the liner notes and tray card of multiple cds or just one cd in its
case. members pay the site a $1 fee for coordinating the transactions, and
they also cover shipping costs for anything they send out. oh, and it's open
to international members, but with the understanding that some folks may not
want to pay the extra cost to ship outside of their home country.

in the last four months, i've shipped out 60+ discs and received the same
number, costing me about $2.50-$3.00 each. there's no way i could have
afforded to buy that many used cds (particularly since many of the cds i've
received were new or in like new condition), even if i could sell some to
cover the costs.


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