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date: thu, 12 mar 2009 11:15:22 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] emily interview

hey folks,

here's a little interview with emily about the new album.  you can read it
online at

also, the official website has had a makeover for the new album.  and
there's a new note up from amy - you can read it here:


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indigo girls looking to channel mary j., beyonce

on the indigo girls forthcoming album 'poseidon and the bitter bug,' the
opening track 'digging on a dream' tells the story of an old, working class
guy trying to make his way -- the emily saliers chorus portrays the somber
thoughts of a guy heading to the dredges every morning: "you take your
prospects and your pick axe and you trudge down to the stream, and you
bloody your hands digging for your dreams."

"that's kind of a sad song," saliers tells spinner. "but the thing i like
about that is the r&b character -- i just want to be mary j. blige, so bad.
or like rhianna, or sing like beyonce. black american music moved me like
no other music. what i really like about that song is we focused on the

'poseidon and the bitter bug' is the duo's first independent release since
1987's debut, 'strange fire.' "i thought, 'let's give a smaller label one
more chance to take us to the next level, or introduce us to a new
audience,'" saliers says of 2006's 'despite our differences,' which was
released via hollywood records. "they made a lot of empty promises. and we
were like 'you know what, we're done. we're fine to do it on our own.'"

fans will get a double dose of the indigos this time around, too;
'poseidon' will contain two versions, one with a band and the other with
just the two. but it's not a song-by-song replica; the track orders on each
cd are different, and the amy ray song 'salty south' was added. "in the
acoustic version, we needed a different order for it to make sense to us,"
ray says.

after a stop at sxsw later this month, the indigo girls will be setting
sail on the singer-songwriter oriented cayamo cruise, before launching a
theater tour.

posted by michael d. ayers on mar 11th 2009 3:00pm
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