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  [ig-news] "poseidon and the bitter bug" reviews  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@pix]


date: wed, 25 mar 2009 10:43:13 +1100
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subject: [ig-news] "poseidon and the bitter bug" reviews

hey folks,

following is a little review of the new album from the denver post.  you
can find it online at:

also, there's a lengthy review, written by anna creech, here:
go check it out!


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indigo girls, "poseidon and the bitter bug" (ig recordings) without the
dramatic chemical interplay that happens between two very different
singer-songwriters, the indigo girls would have faded into the ether more
than a decade ago. the georgia duo (that often tours and records with a
full band) thrives on the differences of amy ray and emily saliers b what
with ray's honest and clever assaults on melody and saliers' flittering
transgressions on all things pretty.

and they're keeping with that formula on their new cd "poseidon and the
bitter bug," their first independent release in more than 20 years. ray's
"sugar tongue" is slinking, downbeat pop that showcases her gorgeous,
full-chested alto. saliers' "what are you like" is the natural single, but
the song sounds like a b-side from the band's early-'90s heyday. "love of
our lives" is a better example of what saliers does best: sunny chords;
foolishly sentimental lyrics; lovelorn optimism.

thankfully ray is there to level the scales with her lush, if occasionally
dark, takes on defeat ("true romantic") and the coming-of-age experience
("driver education"). ricardo baca

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