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date: mon, 27 apr 2009 06:40:38 -0400
from: "susan marine" <>
subject: [ig-news] indystar article

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

from this weekend--

i love that emily says they didn't think they;d have a career  
'forever' when they started -- so i guess that settles it! :) forever  
it is!


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date: tue, 28 apr 2009 10:10:46 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] 77 square article

hi folks,

here's an article from 77 square in madison wi.  you can read it online

also, i'm not going to post it here, but there's an article from the kitsap
sun in kitsap wa.  you can check it out online at:


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indigo girls sacrifice tour break to celebrate the progressive
rob thomas
april 27, 2009

the artists who are playing together at the progressive magazine's 100th
anniversary benefit at the orpheum theatre on thursday night have crossed
paths many times as musicians, playing the same concerts or recording on
each other's albums.

but many have also crossed paths as activists; emily saliers of the indigo
girls recalls heading to washington, d.c., with ani difranco to lobby on
the hill for anti-nuclear legislation.

"mostly we're all out on the road doing our own thing, but we count them as
compatriots," saliers said in a phone interview from milwaukee last week
before the duo played the pabst theater.

the progressive benefit came at a bit of an inconvenient time for the
folk-pop indigo girls: during a two-week break between legs of their spring
tour to support the new "poseidon and the bitter bug" album. but saliers
said that, no matter what, they were going to make the gig.

"the fact that it's 100 years old is amazing," saliers said of the
progressive. "the magazine ... wants to reach out to a younger demographic,
and keep political activism and thought alive in the minds of young people,
which is really important."

saliers and the other indigo girl, amy ray, have been profiled in the pages
of the progressive in the past and are politically active on their own,
raising awareness on issues such as anti-nuclear proliferation, gay rights,
and especially championing environmental issues that affect native american

saliers said that as the indigo girls have grown in popularity, they've had
more resources at their disposal to speak out on those kinds of issues. but
getting involved has always been a part of their character; even in the
band's earliest days as a bar band in atlanta, the two were politically
active, hosting fundraisers for a local homeless shelter or children's

"we were taught by our parents that we were citizens not just of our own
lives, but other people's lives and the community," she said. "it's
important to consider the needs of others and that oppression's reality,
and you need to alleviate oppression whenever you can. the ethics and
principles of activism were instilled in us at a very young age."

musically, saliers said it's tougher to be political within the confines of
a song than outside it.

"it's difficult to write a political song without being too heavy-handed or
too dated," she said. "i have a couple of political songs, one was when the
first george bush was in office, and the other was from when the worst
george bush was in office. i sing those songs now, and obama's in office,
and it just doesn't feel as gratifying. it's not as pointed, because we're
in a period of at least a glimmer of hope."

after two decades on major labels like epic records and hollywood records,
"poseidon," which was released last month, marks the indigo girls' first
independent release since their very first record in the mid-1980s. saliers
said she loves having complete creative control over a project, and the
album reflects that freedom -- it's a two-cd set, with each cd featuring
the same songs, one in acoustic duo versions and the other with full-band
rock versions.

that split in some way illustrates the relationship that has kept the
indigo girls' partnership strong for more than 20 years. they don't
collaborate on songwriting, and their songs are different enough that fans
can tell almost instantly whether they're hearing an "amy" song or an
"emily" song.

"amy and i have a very good relationship," saliers said. "we lead totally
separate lives. we have completely different independent projects. we live
apart, we don't hang out together, so that when we're together as indigo
girls, it's still a very vibrant experience for the both of us after all
these years."

for saliers, one of those independent projects is the opening of her own
restaurant: watershed in decatur, ga., where she grew up. being a
restaurateur is more detail-oriented than being a touring musician, saliers
said, but there's common ground between the two projects.

"i find that there's a kinship between sharing music and sharing food," she
said. "it's that communal experience. running a business is different than
what we do, but in the end, what people experience when they come together
is a lot alike."

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