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  [ig-news] revised setlist - houston 5/22  ["aquatic specialists, inc." <aq]


date: sat, 23 may 2009 14:38:46 -0700
from: "aquatic specialists, inc." <>
subject: [ig-news] revised setlist - houston 5/22

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
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i had to listen to the new album again to figure out what the songs were from last night.  btw, i like the acoustic cd far better than the band version.

(probably not in the order played:)
sugar tongue
i'll change
power of two
the wood song
fill it up again
get out the map
jonas & ezekiel
southland in the springtime
fleet of hope
second time around
driver education
shame on you
salty south
land of canaan
closer to fine
digging for your dream

wow, what a set!  i am still thoroughly impressed.  and granted i haven't seen the girls in 5 years, but has amy been taking voice lessons?  her voice is so crisp with a perfect delivery, much better than i recall previously.  not that i had any complaints before ;)

tony da chickenman

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