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date: mon, 12 apr 2010 08:46:50 -0600
subject: [ig-news] indigo girl(s) at etown 4-11-10

what a strange, strange night.

etown always starts at 7pm.  around 6, my dad was told by a friend who  
was backstage, that the start time had been backed up an hour.  in  
attending well over 100 etowns over the years, i had never heard of  
such a thing.

come 8, they started all the regular "getting the audience ready"  
stuff.  then it was time for ig to hit the stage, but alas, out came  
sulli and emily, but no amy.  it seems that amy had missed a flight  
and was still in transit.

emily shared that she was nervous and had rarely done this before.  
she also asked that we (the crowd) do our best to fill in amy's parts.

opening set:
our deliverance
what do you like (w/ etones, the house band, and lucy wainwright roche)
interview with host nick forster
best moment?  when nick asked, as a feminist, what advice would she  
give to sarah palin?  the question clearly caught her by surprise, but  
the answer was a good one - "go back to school."  had we not been  
miked, i would have added, "but not in texas."

emily did a splendid job on the opening set but it just didn't work  
out well for me, as i don't particularly like any of the songs she  
chose.  and it's not that i don't like poseidon.  i like it a lot.  
had she done love of our lives or fleet of hope, i would have been  

then we heard about the e-chievement award winner - a guy named craig  
who was local in ft. collins and doing amazing work through realities  
for children, an organization that provides emergency funding to  
abused, neglected and at- risk youth in larimer county.

then we heard some songs from the other artist, nathaniel rateliff and  
his band, as well as an interview with nathaniel.  lovely harmonies.  
during n's set, we had an unprecedented etown occurrence - an  
intermission.  just another stalling for time tactic, i imagine.

after nathaniel, in another unprecedented move (but not out of the  
ordinary for ig), we got a solo track from lucy w-r, who will be  
opening for ig for this leg of the tour.  then finally, i saw sulli  
with two guitars in hand, and out came emily and amy.

amy was properly sheepish.  from what i understand (and hopefully i'll  
get more of a story later), she was on a kayaking trip for her  
birthday (which i think is now today), and she just missed her flight.

anyway, set 2 was:
sugar tongue (w/ the etones)
second time around
shame on you (w/ the etones) - censored
closer to fine (w/ the etones and lucy)

it was great to have the etones playing, and amy was very impressed  
and appreciative, in light of the fact that they had to rehearse  
without her.  (i heard sugar tongue through the doors during  
soundcheck and therefore assumed it was emily who missed her flight).  
i so, so, so miss the band.  i'm wondering how it would be if they  
even just toured with a kick-ass drummer.  both ani (with andy) and  
melissa ferrick (with brian) did that in the early days, and i liked  
it a lot.

anyway, i had the same problem with the second set that i did with the  
first.  i'm just not particularly fond of either of the two new songs  
amy picked.  i would much rather have heard ghost of the gang or  
driver education.

also, it was painful to watch amy censor "fuckin' up" into "screwin'  
up."  i understand that it's radio, but it was still sucky.

then for the finale, everyone came out on stage - ig, nr's band, the  
etones, nick and helen, and lucy for a very nicely done version of bob  
dylan's don't think twice, it's alright.

the performances overall were solid, but not great.  i was glad to be  
there (in my happy spot - front row center between amy and emily).  my  
neighbors were great company.  it was fun to have my dad and deni at  
the show.  i always love etown.  it was magical for me to have one of  
my favorite bands in "my" little world.  but all in all, it was a  
disppointing (to me) set list and an average ig performance.  i expect  
that the sold out, standing, ga show on wednesday night at the boulder  
theater will be light years better.

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