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hi folks,

here's an emily interview from the post-bulletin in rochester mn.  you can
read it online at


- ---begin forwarded article---
indigo girls going strong: duo will perform acoustic concert
thursday, april 15, 2010
by tom weber
the post-bulletin, rochester mn

if you go
what: the indigo girls in concert
when: 7:30 p.m. tuesday
where: mayo civic center presentation hall, 30 civic center drive s.e.,
tickets: $30.50 and $25.50, available at the civic center box office (no
service fee) and through ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000.

twenty-five years is an eternity in the music business, where careers and
partnerships come and go like bubble-gum songs.

but 25 years into their music career, the indigo girls b emily saliers
and amy ray b are still going strong, both as artists and as friends.

"we've known each other since we were little girls," saliers said. "we went
to school together, our families know each other. we have a very strong
partnership and friendship."

the indigo girls also have a knack for writing and recording songs that
connect with their audience. from their debut album, "indigo girls,"
through their latest, "posidon and the bitter bug," saliers and ray have
maintained a consistent quality in their material.

the duo will perform an acoustic concert tuesday at mayo civic center.
saliers talked by phone from her atlanta-area home.

what's the secret of your longevity?

each of us brings something to the duo that the other doesn't. we're very
different people. amy just released a third solo album, i own a restaurant.
so we're always happy to come back and do this together.

the music business has changed a lot in two decades. how has it affected
what you do?

we've become completely independent. there's nothing a record company can
do for us anymore.

does this give you more freedom?

no doubt. although we never did have a lot of control from epic. but now
we're much more prolific. we just released a live dvd, we've got a double
cd, and we're working on our first holiday record. now it's just us making
our own decisions.

did you write any original songs for the christmas cd?

we had hoped to, but there just wasn't time. we're going to record it in
nashville in may.

where do your songs come from these days?

well, on the last record we did, i had severe writer's block. so i just
went to the beach and let my thoughts go. amy and i are observers. we write
about what we observe.

are you writing all the time, or do you write in spurts?

i write in bunches. i have to hunker down and get to work. after writing so
many years, there is a tendency to repeat yourself. it's difficult to find
a new chord progression. it helps if you have that discipline to sit down
and do it like a job.

this rochester concert is all-acoustic. that takes you back full circle to
how you and amy began.

well, we have performed more as an acoustic duo than with a band. we always
debate whether our fans want to see us with a band or solo. frankly, it's
cheaper without a band. and our band is in europe now anyway.

does it change what songs you do?

we're able to play almost everything we've ever written acoustically. to
keep it interesting, we reach back into the early discography. and we
encourage audiences to shout out requests. we leave space in the set to get
to them.

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