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hi folks,

here's a little article from the enquirer in cincinnati.  you can read it
online at


- ---begin forwarded article---
indigo girls serious about helping wnku
by bill thompson - - july 25, 2010

emily saliers and amy ray are serious people.

they take their music seriously and they take the problems of the world
seriously (there is a link on their website titled activism).

but the indigo girls like to have fun, too, and when they take the stage,
everyone in the building is in for a good time.

the girls, who met in grade school in decatur, ga., will help wnku-fm
celebrate its 25th anniversary in a benefit concert tuesday night at
greaves concert hall at northern kentucky university.

it appears to be a perfect match: a public radio station that takes the
music it plays seriously teaming with performers who appreciate the value
of the public airwaves.

"we are aware of (the station)," saliers says, "because we're true
believers in good radio. the scene is pretty abysmal since the feds opened
up radio stations for corporations to swoop in and buy up.

"you know, community and eclectic music radio focus ... we love it and
want to support it for everyone else, but for our own personal taste as

that is a sweet sound to the folks at wnku.

"we were looking for ways to celebrate the anniversary," says aaron
sharpe, the director of development and marketing. "we've been playing them
basically from the beginning, because i think they put out their first
record around the same time (the station was founded).

"(music director) john patrick had some passing conversations with someone
tied to their organization, and it turned out that they were routing
through our area in july. they're the kind of act that's tailor-made for
greaves hall."

actually, they are the kind of act that's tailor-made for a live
performance anywhere. they have just released their third live album,
"staring down the brilliant dream," which comes 15 years after the classic
"1200 curfews" and almost 20 years after "back on the bus, y'all."

one of the benefits of a long, successful career is a bounty of tunes from
which to choose. the other side, however, is that someone's favorite song
is certain to be skipped.

"we're pretty fastidious about what we choose to play," saliers says. "we
don't want to play too many from the same album in a row ... we want to
make sure the show flows.

"for instance, we always play 'closer to fine.' we still enjoy playing it
each night, and it's fun because the audience will sing along."

as if it's not enough trouble to choose which of their own songs to play,
saliers and ray have recorded a number of outstanding cover songs,
including bob dylan's "tangled up in blue" and neil young's "down by the
river" on "1200 curfews."

"the ones we do are simply songs that we like," saliers says. " 'bury my
heart at wounded knee' (from 'curfews') is the buffy st. marie song, and
she sang it with such passion that it's important to us.

"we also enjoy doing covers with other people. on the new record, brandi
carlile plays on (dylan's) 'don't think twice' and michelle malone plays on
(the rolling stones') 'wild horses," and the crowd will join in because
they know the songs."

no matter how many guest singers or members of the audience join in,
however, the joy is watching and listening to the two girls who have been
making music together for most of their lives.

"(amy and i) started playing together in high school with no intention of
making it a career or getting a record contract or winning a grammy,"
saliers says.

"but looking back, it's been a great time. show by show, one night at a
time, it's a great job."

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