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date: thu, 04 nov 2010 10:54:30 +1100
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subject: [ig-news] amy interview from the montclair times

hi folks,

here's an amy interview from the monclair times in nj.  you can read it
online at

also - it's just been announced that ig will be headlining at bluesfest
here in oz next april.  so hopefully they will be able to fit in some
shows while they are here!


- ---begin forwarded article---
amy ray of the indigo girls on keeping her 'strange fire' burning
wednesday, november 3, 2010
by gene myers
the montclair times
for the montclair times

while both amy ray and emily saliers, who together make up the indigo
girls, have overlapping styles and influences woven together as closely as
their trademark harmonies, it might be said that ray is the soul singer in
the duo.

even with restraint, her strong voice bucks. as she continues strumming
bathed in stage lights, one gets the impression she can only keep the
reigns so tight. like a horse huffing and braying, emotions start to

"when i do a cover song, it's because i love the song and i relate to it
and find something about it that compels me. it's a song that i would sing
in my room and sing to myself and enjoy it, no matter what," said ray. "i
do covers of things that i feel some compelling reason to do and because
they are great songs. they touch me."

fans know the phenomenon. certain songs hit ray a certain way. she begins
to strum a little harder, starts stomping. you can tell she is courting
muse, and then comes the point of no return. kicking and snarling, ray,
audience and her muse, are caught up in a stampede.

"you have to be in the moment and be sincere and try the best you can,"
she said.

for fans, it's a special occasion to witness her do a song like bob
dylan's "all along the watch tower" or dire straits' "romeo and juliet."
they will remember it and talk about it until the next time the band comes

for ray, it is special, emotional, a physical workout, and it's real. it's
also something she'll have to do again, the next night, in the next town,
for the next batch of fans. they have been waiting since the last time she
came around.

even though she is a professional who has been doing this for more than 20
years, it's not an easy thing to do, to sing your soul ragged.

"a song like 'romeo and juliet,' i don't usually do that more than a
couple of nights in a row because when i do it, i don't want to be going
through the motions. there are certain songs that are so emotional that we
tend to put them in the set for a few shows out of five, maybe, or
something like that, just so that they're really sincere and as powerful
they feel to us. changing our set around helps us always be challenged
emotionally, to have a new experience with the song."

so there are rare gems, experiences that the indigo girls try to keep
fresh for themselves so that audiences are getting novel moments, as
opposed to theatrics orchestrated by seasoned professionals.

but what about the hits, the signature songs that they are always expected
to pull out as their concerts come to crescendos? there is a way to keep
those songs fresh as well, ray says. but instead of the fuel for the fire
coming from the performer, it's inverted this time and the fuel comes from
the audience.

"a song like 'closer to fine,' we'll do that every night. but it's
different every night because everybody's singing and there's a different
set of people singing. so you find different things in the song," ray
"when we start singing and the audience lights up and sings along, or
stands up and claps along, there's some engagement that happens. it really
becomes of the moment, in a way that's very powerful and different for
every show."

the indigo girls are scheduled to play at the wellmont theatre on
montclair's seymour street this friday, nov. 5. doors open at 7 p.m. for
more information and tickets, visit


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