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  [ig-news] amy's ipod shuffle - bosto globe  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@pixelopo]


date: sun, 14 nov 2010 12:33:12 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] amy interview from the state collegian

hi folks,

here's an interview with amy from the state collegian, a college paper at
penn state.  you can read it online at


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indigo girl to perform in state college
by courtney warner
for the collegian

when j.r. mangan heard about indigo girl amy ray's solo tour, he wanted to
bring her to his cafe.

months later, she will now perform on sunday in state college.

mangan, co-owner of cafe 210 west , 210 w. college ave., said he booked
ray to draw an older crowd to his venue. the show is 21 and over, with a
$12 cover.

opening for ray is local band pure cane sugar, a three-part acoustic
harmony group, and ray's touring opener mount moriah.

though the indigo girls have performed in state college before, this is
ray's first show as a soloist here.

ray said her solo style is different from that of the indigo girls because
it's more rock with elements of punk and soul -- influenced by artists like
neil young, my morning jacket and the distillers -- but the significance of
the songwriting is the same.

"the audience will hear a different sound musically, but i still emphasize
the significance of the melodies as much as i did in indigo girls," she

although ray is different from the musicians he usually books, mangan said
it's exciting to try something new and he hopes it will be a positive
change. she said her lyrics and the "dynamic stage presence" of the band
will get the crowd involved in the show, because "the songs are easy to
dance to and easy to sing along with."

"i don't want to tell people what to expect from our band because that's
so arrogant. i want them to know that we are about music and having a good
time," ray said.

though ray is currently on a solo tour, she said the indigo girls are
still active.

abbey farkas, a self-proclaimed "super-fan" of the indigo girls, said she
loves ray, but is happy the original band is still together. if the indigo
girls broke up, she said, it would be a horrible shock for fans because the
duo has great chemistry.

farkas (senior-film and video) said she likes how the indigo girls accept
each others' independent ventures -- when one returns, the other will still
be there.

though she's never seen them perform before, farkas said she intends to
see ray in state college.

"amy has an edgy style that is heard on the indigo girls' albums, so the
fact she emphasizes the same style in her solo career isn't anything
unusual," farkas said.

ray said the inspiration for her songs sometimes comes from her desire
just to have fun -- others are inspired by her activism.

she said she wants her music to help others accept their individuality
while helping others who are struggling as well.

"i'm not only a musician, but i'm a person, too. people help people," she

ray is active in promoting local music and preserving cultural

an open lesbian, she also participates in queer activism.

the indigo girls started an organization in the '90s that raised money for
a native american environmental organization. she also built homes after
hurricane katrina and helped struggling musicians who lost their homes
perform again.

farkas said it's a relief to see artists who go beyond their words and
"practice what they preach."

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date: sun, 14 nov 2010 12:30:13 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] amy's ipod shuffle - bosto globe

hey folks,

here's a little article from the boston globe, about amy's ipod (they did
one for emily a while ago).  you can find it online at


- ---begin forwarded article---

ipod shuffle
what pops up when you put someone's music on random
by james reed
globe staff / november 12, 2010

last year when emily saliers did an ipod shuffle with the globe, she
confessed she'd be embarrassed only if the indigo girls popped up on
random. amy ray, her fellow indigo girl, said the same thing b except it
happened to her. " 'get out the map,' by the indigo girls," ray says
sheepishly when her own band appears, sandwiched between the replacements
and a book reading by spiritual author eckhart tolle. ray says she keeps
all of the duo's albums on her iphone, along with stuff she hasn't listened
to in years but loved at some point. ray performs a sold-out solo show at
the lizard lounge on tuesday.

1. "light years away" stateside

2. "city of angels" the distillers

3. "betwixt or between" the rock*a*teens

4. "talent show" the replacements

5. "satellite" the replacements

6. "get out the map" the indigo girls

7. "a new earth" eckhart tolle

8. "buck hill" the replacements

9. "spoonman" soundgarden

10. "independence day" bruce springsteen

glad we missed? "there's bands like the partridge family that i really
like from a long time ago, but i'm not embarrassed about it."

surprised we missed? "i can't believe more women didn't come up. i
actually have a ton of thalia zedek, team dresch, and tegan and sara."

surprised that emily's ipod shuffle missed? "i would have thought public
enemy and more country would have come up on hers."

(c) copyright 2010 globe newspaper company.

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