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hey folks,

here's a nice review of the holiday cd, from glide magazine.  online at


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indigo girls
holly happy days
by philip kjelland
december 13, 2010

beginning with the upbeat knee-slapper "i feel the christmas spirit", the
twelve tracks in indigo girls' holly happy days include standards like "oh,
holy night", "i'll be home for christmas" and "angels we have heard on
high" along with inspired versions of not so familiar tunes and three
original songs that will find their way into one's holiday rotation.

the original songs crafted by amy and emily: "your holiday song,"
"mistletoe" and "the wonder song" are the standouts here.  the arrangement
in "your holiday song" could have almost been a b-side to "the wood song"
on their 1994 swamp ophelia.
produced by peter collins and featuring a world class assembly of
musicians, alison brown (banjo), victor krauss (bass), luke bulla (fiddle,
mandolin, guitar), jim brock (percussion), and lloyd miles (dobro and pedal
steel), holly happy days is refreshing and captures the essence of the
holidays in celebratory, romantic and spiritual glory. and one listen to
the banjo-picking, dobro-laced take on woody guthrie's "happy joyous
hanukkah", including vocals from janis ian and mary gautier, and you
realize how this isn't standard holiday schmaltz.

we are rewarded here with what the indigo girls have always done so well:
vocals that together are simply gorgeous yet independently are unique,
dramatic and heartfelt. with its bluegrass feel and shining voices, holly
happy days will be a worthy addition to your holiday collection.

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