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'driven by music'
indigo girls' mix of melodies and harmonies enable fans to sing along
july, 16 2011
courtney riley
vail co colorado
emily saliers and amy ray of the american folk rock duo, the indigo
girls, met years ago when they were in elementary school. now, after
more than 20 years of performing together, the two women are just as in
sync as ever.

"it's like breathing," saliers said. "we're so in tune with each

the indigo girls are coming to the vilar performing arts center in
beaver creek sunday.

"we have the ability to harmonize together and read each other without
putting much thought into it," saliers said.

she and ray view each other as family, and their personalities meshed
well from the very beginning.

"it's like singing with your sibling," she said. "we click into a vibe
with each other. it still works after all these years."

jill smirl, the owner of mom's best friend sitters and nannies, said
the indigo girls bring something special to the music scene.

"when i hear the indigo girls' music, it brings back the best of times
for me in college," smirl said. "i think of old friends, fantastic
evenings out and lots of laughter."

after decades of performing together, the indigo girls keep their music
fresh by creating a new set list every night they perform.

"it's never the same old thing. every night is different, and there's
never a bad night," saliers said. "what's not to love? we still love it
or we wouldn't be doing it."

they also engage with the opening band and invite them to come out and
sing a song with them on stage. they do everything they can to keep
their show new and exciting, which keeps the passion alive, saliers

"we started as a bar band, and we still have that same kind of spirit
about us," she said.

the grammy award-winners' unique sound is also what keeps fans asking
for more.

"you don't really see too many duos," she said. "and amy has a low
voice for a woman, which is pretty cool."

'we are who we are'

the indigo girls' concert sunday night will be a collection of music
from their old albums, in addition to two new songs from their record
be released in early october titled "beauty queen sister."

part of the reason why the duo has so much fun performing on stage,
saliers said, is because their fans are very interactive and sing the
words to their songs.

"it's so much more engaged than just putting on a show, and i think our
fans enjoy that kind of experience," she said. "(our show) is a pretty
real and human experience. we are who we are."

the mix of harmonies and melodies in the band's music makes it fun to
sing to and user-friendly, she said.

"their vocals are beautifully harmonious," smirl said. "'closer to
fine' is my favorite (song)."

saliers said every day is different even though they've been performing
for all these years.

"it comes naturally to us. i think i came into the world as a
songwriter, and so did amy."

she and ray have been given a gift that has brought a lot of joy into
their lives, she said, and it has taken them on an incredible journey.

"we're driven by and continue to be inspired by the gift of music," she

courtney riley is an intern at the vail daily. email comments about
this story to

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