lifeblood: appearances: 1998-08-19: the state theater - portland, maine (suffragette sessions tour)

(many artists played on each song, lead vocalists are listed here)

roll the dice (group)
way below the radio (lisa germano)
introduction (amy ray)
cimarron (thalia zedek)
vestigios (lourdes perez)
power of two (emily saliers)
chisel (jean smith)
love is everything (jane siberry)
pullin' on a cloud (gail ann dorsey)
go (amy ray)
tengo la vida (lourdes perez)
soon be to nothing (emily saliers)
pale light (thalia zedek)
wood floors (lisa germano)
under your skin (amy ray)
nuevas senoritas (amy ray)
ziggy stardust (gail ann dorsey)
flirtin' is a flow thing (jane siberry)

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