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soc, or stream of conscious, is a term adopted by fans to describe freeform lyrics often performed by amy in the 1980s and 1990s. songs during which they were performed included along the watchtower, pushing the needle to far, god in heaven (when she has guested with the ellen james society), touch me fall, and chickenman. these transcriptions were done by the members of the unofficial indigo girls e-mail list, if you would like to pitch in and transcribe a performance (there are a bunch of recordings in the bootlegs section), that would be awesome. you can e-mail them to enjoy : )

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1989-05-23: all along the watchtower (the roxy - los angeles, california)

1994-08-13: touch me fall (red rocks amphitheater - morrison, colorado)
1994-09-03: touch me fall (the woodlands - woodlands, texas)
1994-10-14: chickenman (rochester auditorium - rochester, new york)
1994-11-22: chickenman (shepard's bush empire - london, england)

1995-02-07: chickenman (gaillard auditorium - charleston, south carolina)
1995-02-22: chickenman (concert hall - brisbane, australia)
1995-03-24: chickenman (the backyard - austin, texas)
1995-04-12: chickenman (convocation center, ohio university - athens, ohio)
1995-04-15: chickenman (warner theater - erie, pennsylvania)
1995-04-24: chickenman (the palace - new haven, connecticut)
1995-04-25: chickenman (mid-hudson civic center - poughkeepsie, new york)
1995-04-26: chickenman (the tower theater - philadelphia, pennsylvania)

1997-12-14: scooter boys (the orpheum - boston, massachusetts (wand benefit))

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