lifeblood: appearances: 1998-12-27: eddie's attic - decatur, georgia (writer's night - two sets with amy ray, michelle malone, and danielle howle)

first set

avalon (michelle malone)
christmas song (danielle howle)
gone again (amy ray) (3:41)
strength for two (michelle malone)
laughter in your head (danielle howle)
faye tucker (amy ray)
floating down a dream (michelle malone)
willow in the chair (danielle howle)
ozilline (amy ray)
when you smile (michelle malone)
tie up the moon (danielle howle)
point hope, f.o.i.a. (amy ray)
suddenly (michelle malone)
the parlor (danielle howle)
go (amy ray)
a love that shines (michelle malone)
(unknown) (danielle howle)
sister (amy ray)

second set

gone again (amy ray)
(unknown) (danielle howle)
tonic (michelle malone)
measure of me (amy ray)
(unknown) (danielle howle)
keeping score (michelle malone)
ozillene (amy ray)
ode to the group boys (danielle howle)
strength for two (michelle malone)
go (amy ray)
(unknown) (danielle howle)
home grown (michelle malone)
me and my baby (amy ray)
moment of forgiveness (amy ray)
bitterroot (amy ray)
let it rain (kristen hall)
long way down (kristen hall and michelle malone)
(unknown) (michelle malone)
sister (amy ray)
(unknown) (danielle howle)
southern man (group)

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