lifeblood: appearances: 1999-04-12: ryman auditorium - nashville, tennessee (benefit for "the journey of hope from violence to healing")

(indigo girls - solo acoustic set)

ellis unit one (steve earle)
you know the rest (steve earle)
more than i can do (steve earle)
now she's gone (steve earle)
south nashville blues (steve earle)
angry young man (steve earle)
over yonder (steve earle)

shame on you (indigo girls with steve earle)
cold beer and remote control (indigo girls)
go (indigo girls)
peace tonight (indigo girls)
gone again (indigo girls)
faye tucker (indigo girls)
closer to fine (indigo girls with terri clark and natalie maines)

i'm alive (jackson browne)
in the shape of a heart (jackson browne)
alive in the world (jackson browne)
the barricades of heaven (jackson browne)
world in motion (jackson browne)
cocaine (jackson browne and steve earle)

easy from now on (emmylou harris)
one of these days (emmylou harris)
if i could only win your love (emmylou harris)
love hurts (emmylou harris)
orphan girl (emmylou harris)
green pastures (emmylou harris)
calling my children home (emmylou harris)
goodbye (steve earle and emmylou harris)
leaving lousiana in the broad daylight (emmylou harris)

christmastime in washington (steve earle, indigo girls, emmylou harris, and jackson browne)
goodnight irene (steve earle, indigo girls, emmylou harris, and jackson browne)

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