lifeblood: appearances: 2007-07-30: the roxy - atlanta, georgia

pendulum swinger
little perennials
shame on you
hope alone (with brandi carlile)
world falls (with brandi carlile)
lay my head down
three county highway
the wood song
money made you mean
fill it up again
dairy queen
last tears (with brandi carlile)
tried to be true (with brandi carlile and her band)
rock and roll heaven's gate (with brandi carlile and her band)
let it ring (amy ray with her brother and her nieces and nephews)
closer to fine (with trina meade and brandi carlile)
cannonball (brandi carlile with indigo girls)
kid fears (with trina meade)
genocidal youth (three5human with indigo girls)
trouble (with three5human)
bury my heart at wounded knee (with three5human)
rock and roll heaven's gate (with three5human)
don't think twice it's all right (with brandi carlile)
midnight train to georgia (with brandi carlile)


tether (with three5human)
galileo (with brandi carlile)

second encore:

land of canaan

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