lifeblood: appearances: 2007-08-15: paramount theatre - rutland, vermont

cannonball (brandi carlile with indigo girls)

pendulum swinger
little perennials
it's alright
dairy queen
power of two
world falls (with brandi carlile)
hope alone (with brandi carlile)
ozilline (with brandi carlile)
least complicated
money made you mean
get out the map
shame on you
let me go easy
lay my head down
kid fears (with brandi carlile)
don't think twice it's all right (with brandi carlile)
closer to fine (with brandi carlile)


last tears (with brandi carlile and josh neumann)
tried to be true (with brandi carlile and her band)
rock and roll heaven's gate (with brandi carlile and her band)
galileo (with brandi carlile)

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