lifeblood: appearances: 2008-02-09: charleston music hall - charleston, north carolina

devotion (with julie wolf)
pendulum swinger
gone again
power of two (with julie wolf)
little perennials (with julie wolf)
get out the map (with julie wolf)
moment of forgiveness
least complicated (with julie wolf)
money made you mean (with julie wolf)
last tears (with michelle malone and julie wolf)
heartache for everyone
the wood song
three hits (with julie wolf)
deconstruction (with julie wolf)
ozilline (with michelle malone and julie wolf)
(unknown) (danielle howell)
shame on you (with julie wolf)
hammer and a nail (with julie wolf with michelle malone)
kid fears (with danielle howell)
closer to fine (with danielle howell and julie wolf)
let it ring (amy ray with danielle howell)
galileo (with julie wolf)

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