lifeblood: bootlegs: 1987

1987-xx-xx: little five points pub - atlanta, georgia

1987-xx-xx: peace by tomorrow - benefit 45

1987-03-20: don't eat out of dented cans - benefit lp

1987-04-10: marshall auditorium of roberts hall - haverford college - haverford, pennsylvania
an okay sounding recording of a really good performance that features "make this house a home", "lifeblood", and "don't give up on me baby".

1987-05-09: decatur on the square - decatur, georgia
pretty good sounding audio taken from a television broadcast of the show, the performance and the setlist are both terrific, "cold as ice", "never stop", "holy city", "killing time", and "make this house a home" are some of the highlights.

1987-xx-xx: strange fire (indigo records vinyl release)

1987-11-13: cat's cradle - chapel hill, north carolina
a really good sounding recording of a great performance, includes "make it easier", "no way to treat a friend", and "hey jesus". the earliest known bootleg with "blood and fire". it appears to be around this time that amy and emily each starting playing solo songs in the middle of the set, at this show it was one each, as time went by it became two each, and in later years become an option that one or both sometimes use but most of the time don't.

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