lifeblood: bootlegs: 1989

1989-01-26: the uptown lounge - athens, georgia (athens music show)
the audio portion of a tv broadcast, the sound on this one is pretty good. features some great performances with interview segments mixed in, and a terrific setlist combining the songs from the "strange fire" era with most of the new record. a neat "all along the watchtower" complete with soc.

1989-02-18: the palladium - new york, new york (rock against fur)
the sound on this one is good but a little distant. a benefit performance in new york city right before the "indigo girls" record was released, you can tell the crowd is unfamiliar with their music as they don't sing michael stipe's part in "kid fears".

1989-02-21: wrek - atlanta, georgia
a light hearted home town radio performance from the night before "indigo girls" was first available in atlanta area record stores. the interviewer is a little out of it at times but the sound quality on this one is really terrific. features a rare performance of "half moon cafe", a beautiful rendition of "the untitled song", a solo version of "hand me downs" which amy introduces by saying it was written the night before, and a very fun run up to "love of the common people". if you only ever download one show, this would be my recommendation.

1989-03-03: 96 rock - atlanta, georgia
a nice sounding radio broadcast with a fun and loose mixture of in studio performances and interview segments, including three songs that would eventually be recorded for nomads*indians*saints, "hand me downs", "southland in the springtime", and "welcome me".

1989-03-17: the uptown lounge - athens, georgia
a pretty good sounding recording of a fun show, the record release party for "indigo girls", there were two separate crowds let into the club. this recording has songs from both the first and the second shows that night. "all along the watchtower" is a real standout, great vocals, great guitar work, and really neat flute added in. the first of two shows leading up to being the opening act for rem's "green" tour.

1989-03-23: emory university - decatur, georgia
an okay sounding recording of a show at amy and emily's alma mater, the first appearance of the setlist that would form the basis of the "indigo girls" tour.

1989-04-10: madison square garden - new york, new york (opener for r.e.m.)

1989-04-14: the forum - montreal, canada (opener for r.e.m.)

1989-04-20: memorial hall - chapel hill, north carolina

1989-05-02: the roxy - amsterdam, the netherlands (radio broadcast)

1989-05-09: little five point pub - atlanta, georgia

1989-05-23: the roxy - los angeles, california

1989-05-30: the white dot - atlanta, georgia (amy ray)
an okay sounding recording, the sound is muffled but it is listenable. includes early versions of "hand me downs" and "keeper of my heart" as well as the only know recording of "pretty vision".

1989-06-05: lake compounce - bristol, connecticut (opener for neil young)

1989-06-06: waterloo village - stanhope, new jersey (opener for neil young)

1989-06-09: great woods - mansfield, massachusetts (opener for neil young)

1989-06-10: bally's grand pavilion - atlantic city, new jersey (opener for neil young)

1989-06-11: wnew - new york, new york

1989-06-12: garden state arts center - holmdel, new jersey (opener for neil young)

1989-06-22: peabody's downunder - cleveland, ohio
a really nice sounding recording of a radio broadcast from right after a series of shows opening for neil young. about a month later amy and emily would head out on their first national headlining tour.

1989-07-01: radio one - london, england

1989-07-01: radio one - london, england (alternate recording)
not great quality but listenable, a short but fun interview segment.

1989-07-08: the roxy - atlanta, georgia (second show)
a pretty good recording of a neat show, the setlist is a nice mix of early songs, songs from "indigo girls", and songs that would later make up "nomads*indians*saints". there are a lot of great guest performances, including sandy garfinkel on harmonica, ann richardson on flute, and holly faith as the backing band on a couple of songs. "holy city" "knockin' on heaven's door", and "american tune" are also standouts. captures an interesting moment in time as this was the last home show for awhile, less than ten days later amy and emily hit the road for their first national headlining tour.

1989-07-18: the grand emporium - kansas city, missouri

1989-07-19: red rocks - denver, colorado

1989-07-20: the fine line - minneapolis, minnesota
an excellent sounding recording from the fifth night of amy and emily's first national headlining tour. these shows are very special as amy and emily are playing for crowds that have never seen them live before and the crowds are just going crazy over the shows.

1989-07-21: memorial union terrace - madison, wisconsin
another really nice sounding recording of a radio broadcast from that first national headlining tour.

1989-07-27: the rivoli - toronto, canada

1989-08-02: wumb - boston, massachusetts

1989-08-02: the paradise - boston, massachusetts

1989-08-03: town hall - new york, new york

1989-08-09: 9:30 club - washington d.c.

1989-08-11: cat's cradle - chapel hill, north carolina

1989-08-24: little five points pub - atlanta, georgia (amy ray with the ellen james society)
a pretty good sounding recording of a rock rendition of "welcome me" as performed with the ellen james society (including chris mcguire on backup vocals). this performance took place about a year before the release of "nomads*indians*saints.

1989-08-31: the uptown lounge - athens, georgia

1989-10-02: tipitinas - new orleans, lousiana

1989-10-18: david sanborn tv show
an excellent audio capture includes david sanborn and his band sitting in on "strange fire", and amy and emily joining sonic youth and david sanborn for "red river valley" and "i wanna be your dog".

1989-10-26: wgst - atlanta, georgia

1989-10-28: memorial hall - chapel hill, north carolina
another really good sounding recording, after spending the summer doing headlining dates (mostly in clubs) around the united states, amy and emily returned home to the southeast and began regularly playing theater sized venues. a nice mix of material including several songs that would appear on the following year's "nomads*indians*saints". three days after this show the "strange fire" record would be re-released.

1989-11-05: usher hall - edinburgh, scotland

1989-11-06: the borderline - london, england

1989-11-07: royal albert hall - london, england

1989-11-08: royal albert hall - london, england

1989-11-14: krasnapolsky - copenhagen, denmark
an excellent sounding recording of a club show. stand out tracks include "strange fire", "blood and fire", "history of us", and "prince of darkness".

1989-11-18: elysea montmartre - paris, france

1989-12-04: the ridge theater - vancouver, british columbia

1989-12-12: the ventura theatre - ventura, california

1989-12-13: the coach house - san juan capistrano, california

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