lifeblood: bootlegs: 1992

1992-01-21: constitution hall - washington, d.c. (voters for choice benefit)

1992-spring: general foods international coffees coffee house sessions - show 25
an excellent sounding radio show from right before amy and emily went into the studio to record "rites of passage". all the tracks were done live in the studio and there are differences in the arrangements over what would eventually be released, especially with "ghost". terrific performances and good interview segments, reported only 200 original cds were created and sent out to radio stations, this is taken directly from one of those discs.

1992-03-17: variety playhouse - atlanta, georgia (amy ray with the ellen james society)

1992-04-15: trackside tavern - decatur, georgia (emily saliers)

1992-04-26: university of connecticut - storrs, connecticut

1992-04-xx: indigo hotline message for "rites of passage"

1992-xx-xx: wbfo - buffalo, new york

1992-05-22: chastain park - atlanta, georgia

1992-05-25: civic center - roanoke, virginia

1992-05-28: wolftrap - vienna, virginia

1992-05-29: whfs - baltimore, maryland

1992-05-29: wolftrap - vienna, virginia

1992-05-31: idiot's delight on wxrk - new york, new york
a really nice sounding radio appearance with live in studio performances of "three hits", "galileo", "crazy game", and a very special "romeo and juliet" where emily contributes some terrific guitar work, amy says this is the first time she has ever joined in on the song.

1992-xx-xx: jjj fm - australia

1992-06-01: the beacon theatre - new york, new york

1992-06-02: the beacon theatre - new york, new york

1992-06-03: the beacon theatre - new york, new york

1992-06-04: hmv record store - new york, new york

1992-06-04: the beacon theatre - new york, new york

1992-06-05: performing arts center - saratoga, new york

1992-06-09: memorial auditorium - burlington, vermont

1992-06-12: massey hall - toronto, ontario

1992-06-13: massey hall - toronto, ontario

1992-06-14: pine knob - clarkston, michigan

1992-06-17: veterans memorial auditorium - columbus, ohio

1992-06-21: cbc fm radio program - toronto, ontario

1992-06-22: jbtv music television (with matthew sweet)
an excellent sounding audio capture of an outstanding performance of "cortez the killer" with matthew sweet.

1992-06-22: chicago theater - chicago, illinois

1992-06-23: orpheum theater - minneapolis, minnesota

1992-06-24: ktcz - minneapolis, minnesota

1992-06-25: oldstyle heartland stage - milwaukee, wisconsin

1992-06-26: world cafe radio show

1992-06-26: world cafe radio show (alternate)

1992-07-14: gaillad auditorium - charleston, south carolina

1992-07-18: broward performing arts center - ft. lauderdale, florida

1992-07-27: fem tv - austin, texas (featuring indigo girls and gretchen phillips)

1992-07-27: bass concert hall - austin, texas

1992-08-20: the pier - seattle, washington

1992-08-21: oaks amusement park - portland, oregon

1992-08-24: the great american music hall - san francisco, california

1992-08-24: the great american music hall - san francisco, california (alternate)

1992-08-27: the greek theatre - los angeles, california

1992-08-30: cal expo auditorium - sacramento, california

1992-09-20: central park - new york, new york
a good sounding recording of an afternoon outdoor show in central park from the "rites of passage" tour. this was the last american show before the tour headed over the europe for a month (including some shows opening for the neville brothers), and in addition to featuring the band (sara lee, jerry marotta, scarlet rivera, jane scapatoni) it has a very lighthearted feel. standouts include a fun version of "bartender's blues", a terrific "tangled up on blue" (scarlet rivera really stands out on this one), and a great rendition of "down by the river". there are also some really goofy interactions with the crowd, including amy ray clipping her nails after "crazy game".

1992-09-20: central park - new york, new york (alternate)

1992-10-02: paradiso - amsterdam, the netherlands

1992-10-03: station 3 radio - england

1992-10-05: university radio - nottingham, england

1992-10-05: clapham junction - london, england

1992-xx-xx: university radio - nottingham, england

1992-10-13: musichalle - hannover, germany (opener for the neville brothers)

1992-10-23: kridthuset - copenhagen, denmark
an excellent sounding recording of a "rites of passage" show from the european leg of the tour. this is a band show with sara lee on bass, scarlet rivera on violin, jane scarpantoni on cello, and budgie on drums. the strings and drumming are featured throughout, including a really unique drum part on "let it be me" and featured strings in leu of soc lyrics on "chickenman". "tangled up in blue" is terrific, and "down by the river" was an unplanned second encore, and although there are a few dropouts in sound in places, it is a great off the cuff rendition with amy throwing in some stream of conscious lyrics towards the end. one additional note about this show - there was a fair amount of controversy in the long time fan community surrounding the rites of passage tour, with the shows growing from simple productions with amy, emily, and eventually sara lee, to fully staged productions with a full band and stage backdrops and significant light shows, the video for 'joking' shows a bit of the new look. anyway, there may be some who disagree to this day, but listening to the freshness in the arrangements and performances of these songs, all the controversy seems like more of a moot point now than ever.

1992-10-25: tivoli - utrecht, the netherlands

1992-11-15: civic center - montgomery, alabama
a really good sounding recording from the "rites of passage" tour. after 6 months of touring with a full band and a large stage show, this is the first night of a back to basics acoustic duo tour of the southest united states. there is a wonderful freshness to the show as they work through the new arrangements and make on the fly changes to the setlist. standouts include "jonas and ezekial", emily performing "river", amy performing "the ballad of squeaky fromme", and michelle malone guesting on "the water is wide".

1992-11-18: miller and company - nashville, tennessee

1992-11-22: george mason university - fairfax, virginia

1992-11-23: whfs - baltimore, maryland

1992-11-24: george mason university - fairfax, virginia

1992-12-02: the state theatre - new brunswick, new jersey

1992-12-04: gosman center - waltham, massachusetts

1992-12-04: gosman center - waltham, massachusetts (alternate recording) (24bit 48khz)

1992-12-05: bates college - lewiston, maine
an okay sounding recording that includes a portion of the soundcheck during which amy is working on the lyrics for "fugitive" and "reunion", the show also includes guest appearances by the roches and siouxsie sioux.

1992-12-06: fine arts center - amherst, massachusetts
a pretty good sounding recording of the last half of a show, includes guest appearances by the roches and siouxsie sioux.

1992-12-08: the palace theater - new haven, connecticut
a nice sounding recording of a show from the last week of the "rites of passage" tour - "jonas and ezekial", "let it be me", great renditions of all the songs and guest appearances from the roches and siouxsie sioux.

1992-12-11: the tower theater - philadelphia, pennsylvania
a pretty good sounding recording of a great show, most nights of this leg of the tour, including this night, featured "tangled up in blue" and "down by the river" and siouxsie sioux again contributing "something wicked this way comes" and "strange fruit".

1992-12-13: kuhl gym - geneseo, new york
another pretty good sounding recording of a great show, the band, amy and emily's vocals, this was a terrific tour leg. siouxsie sioux and ferron both make guest appearances.

1992-12-14: shea's performing arts center - buffalo, new york

1992-12-15: the palace theater - cleveland, ohio
a terrific recording of the last night of the "rites of passage" tour, "strange fire", "love's recovery", "pushing the needle to far", "virginia woolf", classic versions of each, also includes quest appearances by siouxsie sioux and ferron.

1992-12-29: eddie's attic - decatur, georgia (amy ray and ellen james society)

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