lifeblood: bootlegs: 2001

2001-02-18: cultural center theatre - charleston, west virginia (amy ray and the butchies) (mountain stage taping with steve earle, bruce cockburn, johnny staats and robert shafer, and jesse winchester)

2001-03-xx: careless youth/mtns of glory (live) - 45 rpm released by daemon records

2001-03-29: the echo lounge - atlanta, georgia (amy ray and the butchies)

2001-04-03: cat's cradle - carrboro, north carolina (amy ray and the butchies)

2001-04-04: olsson's books and records - washington, d.c. (in store by amy ray)

2001-04-04: 9:30 club - washington, d.c. (amy ray and the butchies)

2001-04-08: pearl street - northampton, massachusetts (amy ray and the butchies)

2001-04-10: little brothers - columbus, ohio (amy ray and the butchies)

2001-04-14: tower records (in store amy ray and the butchies)

2001-04-14: 12th and porter - nashville, tennessee (amy ray and the butchies)

2001-04-23: showbox - seattle, washington (amy ray)

2001-04-24: crystal ballroom - portland, oregon (amy ray)

2001-04-25: wow hall - eugene, oregon (amy ray)

2001-04-26: world cafe (amy ray and the butchies)

2001-04-28: slim's - san francisco, california (amy ray and the butchies)

2001-05-06: music midtown festival - atlanta, georgia

2001-06-05: the capital building - atlanta, georgia (emily saliers and michelle malone) (aids rally)

2001-06-29: democracy now interview (amy ray and michael franti)

2001-07-14: lodo music festival - denver, colorado

2001-07-17: vogue theater - vancouver, british columbia
a really good sounding recording of a very fun acoustic duo show, their fifth show together after a long break during which amy did her first solo tour, and they are very chatty and introducing some of the material that would later comprise "become you". some of the highlights include "devotion" and the discussion leading up to "deconstruction."

2001-07-18: pier 62/63 - seattle, washington

2001-07-19: pier 62/63 - seattle, washington

2001-07-21: the britt festival - jacksonville, oregon

2001-07-22: zoo amphitheatre - portland, oregon
a really terrific sounding recording of a great, great show. amy and emily are both very chatty and very, very funny, there is a great lead in to "devotion" where they talk about playing a zoo, and "closer to fine" has to be restarted in the middle of the song.

2001-07-24: the fillmore - san francisco, california
another really terrific recording of a great show, matt brubeck plays cello on several of the songs and michelle malone and sarah bettens also sit in. highlights include "gone again", "virginia woolf", and "chickenman".

2001-07-25: mountain winery - saratoga, california
another great sounding recording of a terrific show, highlights include "mystery" and "ozilline", and michelle malone sitting in on several songs.

2001-07-25: mountain winery - saratoga, california (alternate)
an equally great sounding recording of the same show from a different source.

2001-07-26: mountain winery - saratoga, california

2001-07-28: the sun theater - anahiem, california

2001-07-30: humphreys by the bay - san diego, california

2001-07-30: humphreys by the bay - san diego, california (alternate recording)

2001-07-31: humphreys by the bay - san diego, california

2001-07-31: humphreys by the bay - san diego, california (alternate recording)

2001-08-04: calvin theater - northampton, massachusetts

2001-08-07: wolftrap - vienna, virginia

2001-08-13: miramar theater for atomic records - milwaukee, wisconsin (in store appearance by amy ray)

2001-08-14: first avenue - minneapolis, minnesota (amy ray and the butchies)

2001-08-15: barrymore theatre - madison, wisconsin (amy ray and the butchies)

2001-08-25: in store at criminal records - atlanta, georgia (amy ray and 1945)

2001-08-25: the echo lounge - atlanta, georgia (daemon showcase with amy ray and the butchies)

2001-09-10: acoustic cafe radio show (amy ray)

2001-09-29: centennial olympic park- atlanta, georgia (atlanta unites new york city relief effort benefit)
a really good recording of a beautiful and moving performance.

2001-09-30: first existential church - atlanta, georgia (emily saliers at a benefit for the oakhurst recovery project)
a really nice sounding recording of a neat performance.

2001-10-18: the fox theatre - atlanta, georgia (evening performance with the atlanta ballet)

2001-10-20: the fox theatre - atlanta, georgia (afternoon performance with the atlanta ballet)

2001-10-21: the fox theatre - atlanta, georgia (with the atlanta ballet)
back in 2001 indigo girls did a series of shows with the atlanta ballet, opening with least complicated in front of the closed curtain and then moving to a raised platform at the back left of the ballet stage, playing their songs while the ballet performed in front of them. the shows were remarkable, and this is a really good audience recording from one of them. the dancers were performing freeform during "closer to fine" resulting in a lot of seemingly random cheering from the audience.

2001-12-01: amy ray interview - music choice life tracks

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