lifeblood: bootlegs: 2008: 2008: didn't it feel kinder - kyte tv campaign (amy ray)


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01. cold shoulder (day one) (2:43) (listen)
02. she's got to be (day two) (3:46) (listen)
03. who sold the gun (day three) (2:59) (listen)
04. bus bus (day four) (2:35) (listen)
05. out on the farm (day five) (4:10) (listen)
06. rabbit foot (day six) (4:02) (listen)
07. slc radio (day seven) (4:05) (listen)
08. blame is a killer (day eight) (2:23) (listen)
09. stand and deliver (with brandi carlile) (day nine) (3:28) (listen)
10. birds of a feather (day ten) (2:36) (listen)
11. stand and deliver (with brandi carlile on the indigo girls tour bus) (bonus track) (3:48) (listen)

audio from a one a day series of videos counting down the ten days to the release of "didn't it feel kinder" on august 5, 2008. all the performances are acoustic, they were originally part of a campaign on the kyte tv platform, and later shared on youtube. track 11 was listed as part of the series, in unclear where in the countdown it was released.

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