lifeblood: bootlegs: 2009

2009-02-01: amoeba music - san francisco, california (amy ray)
an excellent sounding soundboard recording of a terrific amy ray solo performance.

2009-02-02: wow hall - eugene, oregon (amy ray)

2009-02-xx: cayamo music cruise - miami, florida (emily saliers)
an excellent audio capture of emily and brandi carlile practicing, then performing, "let it go".

2009-03-26: living room radio program (wfuv) - new york, new york
an excellent recording of an acoustic duo performance, which mixes old favorites with some of the new tracks from "poseiden and the bitter bug", which had just been released two days earlier. standouts include "love of our lives" and "second time around", and a great interview segment.

2009-04-10: tower theatre - upper darby, pennsylvania
a little distant, but still a good recording of a neat show.

2009-04-15: highline ballroom - new york, new york
a nice sounding recording including a nice "second time around" and a very fun "fill it up again".

2009-04-18: lincoln theater - west hartford, connecticut
a really nice sounding recording of a terrific show, "ghost of a gang" and "i'll change" back to back, both are beautiful.

2009-04-19: weekend edition sunday - national public radio
an excellent sounding web capture of a great appearance, in addition to interview segments "sugar tongue", "closer to fine", and "what are you like" are played live in the studio.

2009-04-22: michigan theatre - ann arbor, michigan
a quiet recording of an acoustic duo show with julie wolf from the first month of the "poseiden and the bitter bug" tour. standouts include a beautiful rendition of "i'll change" and a really nice "ghost of the gang".

2009-04-23: pabst theatre - milwaukee, wisconsin
another early "poseiden and the bitter bug" show with julie wolf. features a terrific "true romantic" and a really nice "digging for your dreams".

2009-05-08: edmonds center for the arts - edmunds, washington
a really nice mp3 recording of a great show, features some terrific keyboard work from julie wolfe on "everything in its own time" and "true romantic", "reunion" and "the wood song" also stand out.

2009-05-09: edmonds center for the arts - edmunds, washington
a really nice mp3 recording of a terrific show, standout tracks include "romeo and juliet" and "hammer and a nail".

2009-06-10: wolftrap foundation for the performing arts - vienna, virginia
a little distant but otherwise good sounding mp4 recording of a neat show, highlights include "i'll change" and "true romantic".

2009-06-26: ravinia festival - highland park, illinois

2009-07-18: the mountain winery - saratoga, california

2009-08-16: black cat - washington, dc (amy ray)
a little distant and a little bass heavy, but other good sounding mp4 recording of an terrific, intense show. setlist includes "driver education" and "rodeo", and serves as another reminder of just how good this band was.

2009-08-18: johnny brenda's - philadelphia, pennsylvania (amy ray)
a nice sounding recording of a terrific show with amy backed by the butchies.

2009-08-20: mercury lounge - new york, new york (amy ray)

2009-08-20: mercury lounge - new york, new york (amy ray) (alternate recording)
a really good sounding recording of "chiapas bound".

2009-08-21: bell house - brooklyn, new york (amy ray)

2009-08-22: beachcomber - wellfleet, massachusetts (amy ray)
a really good sounding audio capture of a "laramie" for the ages.

2009-09-19: chastain park - atlanta, georgia
a really nice mp3 only recording of a rain drenched home show, you can actually hear the rain dripping off the umbrella throughout the recording. a neat standout is an appearance of the voices of hope choir, who emily appeared on an album with.

2009-10-02: music hall - tarrytown, new york
a little distant but otherwise really nice m4a recording of a phenominal show. michelle malone and jill hennessy guest, and the setlist is one for the ages. start to finish one of the best "wild horses" ever.

2009-10-03: mayo center for the performing arts - morristown, new jersey

2009-10-26: concorde 2 - brighton, england
a pretty good mp3 recording of a really interesting show, emily was very sick that night so the setlist is heavy with amy songs. claire kinney and carol issacs sat in throughout throughout the entire show. includes an amazing version of "redemption song" with some really beautiful harmonies and a guest appearance by stephanie dosen.

2009-11-16: 30a radio interview (emily saliers)

2009-12-05: 30a radio interview (amy ray)

2009-12-15: the earl - atlanta, georgia (amy ray)
a terrific recording of an extraordinary cover of bruce springsteen's "racing in the street". highly, highly recommended.

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