lifeblood: bootlegs: 2010

2010-02-25: adrienne arsht center - miami, florida
a really nice sounding recording of a show with a great setlist, highlights include "fly away" and "moment of forgiveness".

2010-04-23: barrymore theater - madison, wisconsin
the sound is a bit distant on this one, but it captures a really good show. highlights include girlyman sitting in on "perfect world", "closer to fine", and "ozilline".

2010-04-24: buskirk-chumley theater - bloomington, indiana
a quiet recording of a very fun show, "power of two" and some of the banter that follows, as well as "romeo and juliet" and "finlandia" are great tracks.

2010-06-16: the big j show (emily sailers)

2010-07-11: the rep theater - seaside, florida (early show)
a nice mp3 recording of a very fun 75 seat club show, not to be missed, on "southland in the springtime" they pull a fiddle player out of the audience and he does a terrific job. also includes a new amy song, "my heart breaks".

2010-07-12: the rep theater - seaside, florida (early show)

2010-07-13: the rep theater - seaside, florida (early or late show?)
another nice mp3 recording from the three night, two show a night stand to mark the release of "staring down the brilliant dream". includes a lot of interaction with the crowd, and a new amy song called "little revolution" and a great version of "salty south" with a lead up where they both talk about their tatoos.

2010-07-20: the earl - atlanta, georgia (benefit for sulli sullivan) (with group sex)
excellent sounding audio capture from youtube of "jessie's girl" and "play that funky music".

2010-07-31: pnc bank arts center - holmdel, new jersey (lilith fair)

2010-08-03: voice of america

2010-08-03: merriweather post pavilion - washington, dc (lilith fair)

2010-09-24: unknown venue - emory university (emory university creativity conversations) (emily saliers, don saliers, and rosemary magee)

2010-10-19: pullo family performing arts center - york, pennsylvania
a really good recording of a great show, coyote grace sits in on several songs towards the end of the set, including a stellar "salty south".

2010-10-22: lackawanna college - scranton, pennsylvania
a really good recording of a neat show, coyote grace guests on "salty south", "get out the map", "ozilline", "nashville", "gone again", and "closer to fine".

2010-10-23: zankel hall - carnegie (acjw) - new york, new york

2010-10-24: birchmere music hall - alexandria, virginia

2010-10-25: birchmere music hall - alexandria, virginia

2010-11-01: higher ground - burlington, vermont
a really good recording of a nice show, includes a live version of amy's "the wonder song" off "happy holly days".

2010-11-05: wellmont theatre - montclair, new jersey
a nice recording of neat show, highlights include a stunning "she's saving me" and "the wonder song".

2010-11-13: iota - arlington, virginia (amy ray)

2010-11-20: sonar club - baltimore, maryland (amy ray)
a really good sounding recording of a great show, highlights include mount moriah lending a hand on "more pills".

2010-11-21: boulder theatre - boulder, colorado
an excellent sounding audio capture of a terrific performance of "christmas time's a comin'".

2010-12-03: j and r music world - new york, new york
a terrific sounding recording of a neat in store holiday song appearance, including the not to be missed public debut of "happy joyous hanukkah". highly recommended.

2010-12-04: second cup of coffee - cbs
a broadcast television appearance with chely wright, an excellent sounding recording of "it really is (a wonderful life)" along with a short interview segment.

2010-12-09: irving plaza - new york, new york
really good sounding recording of a holiday show with shawn mullins and chely wright, and jill hennessy sits in on "closer to fine". the entire "holly happy days" album is played.

2010-12-10: webisode 34 - etown
an excellent sounding recording of "your holiday song".

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