lifeblood: bootlegs: commercial bootlegs (most released in the mid to late 1990's)


an evening with indigo girls

attack of the killer b-sides

blood and fire

complicated girls

club r and r

days of wine and roses

early recordings 1 - the ep and more

early recordings 2 - levees that break in my heart

early recordings 3 - the devil's in our bones

hail! hail! rock and roll - volume 2

history of us
indigo girls - demos covers and rarities on cd

in with the out crowd

live on the tv volumes 1 and 2
pretty good sounding recordings of some early tv appearances, two of the standouts are early versions of "fare the well" and "jonas and ezekial" ("rites of passage" would not be released until the following spring), as well as a teriffic cover of "no expectations".

live x

midnight til six

my place is of the sun

nothing to hide

out all night

rare, like us

reverse 1 live

shades of indigo

ten years of friendship

toad's place, new haven, ct

under the moonlight

uptown girls

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