lifeblood: socs: 1994-10-14: chickenman (rochester auditorium - rochester, new york)

chickenman (with michael lorant) (11:54) (listen)


amy ray starting at the x:xx mark:

"we were playing in this really wierd club in houston, named fitzgerald's. we were playing in the small room. there were three people there, and they were in the band we were opening for. that night we got to sleep in the owner's apartment, and there were all the owner's friends, weird, drug addicts, things, and animals and weird stuff all happening while we were asleep. and this is kinda the way it always happens, isn't it micheal? (from big fish ensamble) and there's things that you learn when you're on the road, like you learn things, like you know, to close your eyes when you pass a dead possum because it's really gross. and you learn that if you see a little cat sitting on the median you don't go chasing it because it'll probably get hit by a car when it's running away from you. it's pretty depressing. so anyway, we're drivin', we're drivin, we're drivin', we've been through georgia, alabama, mississippi, louisiana, we've been up to toronto, we've seen dead animals in th road. it's like roadkill, and fast food, and trucks, and weird people, and lots of lessons to be learned. and we're looking for things to make us feel better. we're looking at the moon and at the stars, and the trees. but mostly we're looking for... flea markets. we do all our shopping. so we drive up and we see this really cool flea market and it says 'flea market' and then next to it there's a big cardboard sign that says 'chickenman'. and i thought: this is really too good to miss. so there's all these tables and possesions put out on tables, and weird shit everywhere. and i started... goin' shopping. and it was his front yard, and it was all his stuff, and none of it was for sale. he came out of the trailer, and he's like 'what are you doing?' i said, 'can i buy this camera from you?' 'this is all my stuff.' so i said, 'oh. o.k.' the was some sort of wisdom imparted that day, and i'm not sure what it was, but it made me feel a lot better when i walked away."

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