lifeblood: socs: 1994-11-22: chickenman (shepard's bush empire - london, england)

chickenman (9:36) (listen)


amy ray starting at the x:xx mark:

(not transcribed yet)

"put yourself on the road. that's what my mind said. so i did. and we drove so far, and it was a really beautiful thing. most of the time. we went from georgia, and we went through alabama and mississippi and louisiana and texas. sometimes we drove on up to athens. sometimes we drove all the way up to toronto.

"in toronto i went running and i saw this woman get beat up on the sidewalk. on the way to athens i saw a deer laying by the side of the road. on the way out west, i saw a cat in the median and i tried to catch it and it got hit by a car. and it's a lot of stuff. but when we were on our way from houston playing in this smelly little stinky club where we always played because it was fun. we were going to austin and everything was looking pretty grim. lots of dead animals. lot of weird stuff. lots of floods. lots of lightning. lots of tornados. lots of fast food. and anyway, so we were driving to austin and everything's looking really grim and i'm thinking to myself 'i can't, i can't believe this'. i have to close my eyes the whole time i'm driving because i'm so scared of seeing dead things all the time. i'm getting to be a really bad case. and we stopped at this flea market and i was in this guys front yard and i didn't even know it. i thought it was a flea market and it was his front yard. and, and i felt really...really, really crappy. and i looked at him and he looked at me and, and we were talking and i don't know what happened it was like vulcan mind meld or something but. i looked up at this sign in the sky and it said 'chickenman' and i said 'oh my god i feel better'."

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