lifeblood: socs: 1995-02-07: chickenman (gaillard auditorium - charleston, south carolina)

chickenman (11:12) (listen)

chickenman (alternate recording) (10:48) (listen)


amy ray starting at the x:xx mark:

i asked my love what will breathe eternally?
i asked my love what will breathe eternally?
i said love
would you know these hands lying unforgiven, immobile
in the bottom of a desperate hole?
would you know these eyes if they were on fire on a funeral pyre
floating down a river side?
would you know this chest sunken and depleted
reaching to be filled by you?
would you know these arms, stretching up to the trees
past the moon?
would you know this soul reaching vilely explaining waiting
for some further fascination?
i said love
would you know me?
would you know my mouth if it wasn't on you?
would you know my feet lying dead in the middle of the wood
growing up like trillion on the forest floor
mushrooms flying all around?
i said love what will breathe eternally?
what can i leave you?
what part of me?
what will breathe eternally?
and love will you know my body stretched out like so many skins
along this carcass highway?
i was on the road to austin...

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