lifeblood: socs: 1995-04-26: chickenman (the tower theater - philadelphia, pennsylvania)

chickenman (18:50) (listen)


amy ray starting at the x:xx mark:

what do you think about all this spirituality stuff that makes you feel all calm inside?
i mean do you ever meditate and look up in the sky and see the stars and the moon and think about all the things you can believe in?
but then you look out on your road and you see this dog got hit by a car and it's itchin' and scratchin' and growlin' and barkin' and you feel sooooooooo baaaadd....
you just want to take a knife and cut your throat because you can't believe the world could be so evil.....
but you don't do that do you?
you think about yourself instead.
you think about yourself and you go, "god, i'm glad i'm alive!!!
i'm glad i'm alive!
i'm glad i'm alive....."
i was on the road to austin...

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