lifeblood: socs: 1997-12-14: scooter boys (the orpheum - boston, massachusetts (wand benefit))

scooter boys (8:26) (listen)


amy ray starting at the x:xx mark:

yeah there's out loud addresses out over my wires and i said all so damaged and you're uninspired by this world-sign the girls, but what have the girls got to do with it?
when you exploit all the energy and damage all her energy y'know it's the veal calf syndrome, it's not the feminine mystique
her voice sputtered like a spark y'know me and you, it's the pilgrims comin' or is it the pilgrimages due?
it's the generals in print that feed you the mass discontent

so i said it's hip to be cool
but y'know it's hip to be a tool
and it's a trend to be misled
and it's a story when you're dead
and it's hip to be cool
it's hell, isn't it?
??it's hip to be $20?? isn't it? it's hip, it's hip check [no i don't hear hockey references in everything, y'know, but it sure sounds like that! maybe it's hip, "chick"] so i was driving out through the everglades and i remember the rain turned the road to mud that day i was just thinking about what it meant to be completely obsolete but i started worrying about my skin and my fears and all the gray that's in my hair but y'know, i missed most of the story that my driver was telling me he had the alligator pain inside his veins he said, y'know the heron, he sings the song of cain and it was just like that-and my driver slipped away i said it was just like that-and my driver slipped away y'know it was just like that-and my driver, my brother i mean, it was my brother, my brother was my driver, and he slipped away, and it was my-no i think it was my sister now and it could have been my father, i guess it was my mother and it was driver and he was my brother and my sister and he's my brother and my father is my driver, my brother [even she sounds confused], my sister is my mother and my father is my sister, and my mother was my brother and my driver slipped away, y'know, he just slipped away, y'know, it just slips away, it just slips away.... it's dark and it's cold and it's dark and cold and i drive in the cold and me i try to be cool.... i said i couldn't hear it!!!!!! i said hey blue blood, i said hey, blue blood-y'know, you're nothing new you see, i come from privilege too. haha!!!!!!! "thanks, y'all, emily on guitar!"

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