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1995-09: indigo girls, record collector:

the duo met in 1975 when emily was 11 and moved down from connecticut to georgia. at elementary school, she came across 10-year-old amy, and the pair became close friends, although they didn't begin playing music together until 1981, when they were at high school. initally, they called themselves the b-band ("after something rude"), and their first tape, "tuesday's children", was recorded that year, comprising mainly cover versions, though with an original song from each of them. even at this early stage, when they were in their mid-teens, the girls' intricate acoustic guitarwork, caramel harmonies and poetic songwriting - the prime ingredients of their modern work - were in place.


2004-05-17: singer of the week, (unknown):

their musical affiliation began when the two were in high school. calling themselves "saliers and ray" and "the b-band," they formed a musical act and their first rehearsals took place at school talent shows.

from grey to indigo blue

they quickly moved up the ranks, playing at open mike nights in local bars. in 1981, they recorded their first tape, tuesday's children in amy ray's basement, followed by a 1982 recording of "color me grey," a solo effort by ray.

the duo's name, "indigo girls," was not adopted until 1985 (ray had seen the word "indigo" in a dictionary and thought it was catchy). with the release of their first single, "crazy game/everybody's waiting for someone to come home (a b-side)," the music industry had yet to catch on.

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