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1992-05: rites of passage, epic records press release:

airplane: i've had a real fear of flying for a long time but lately i've been getting over it. now, as i recognize the different sounds the plane makes as it prepares for takeoff, i feel more comfortable. the song is about seeing your hometown from thousands of feet up, and all the little fears that go along with that vision. the roches' voices on this made it wonderful.


1992-06-04: indigo girls' latest converts a skeptic, the columbus dispatch:

later in the 13-song collection, saliers strikes again - in the past she has been the sweeter, more sentimental of the two; now, she is the first to demonstrate a sense of humor - with airplane, a disarming plea (at 30,000 feet) for a safe landing.

"nearer my god to thee.

the backing vocals provided by the roches are at once strange and wonderfully funny (with perfect pitch, maggie, terre and suzzy descend a scale and crash at the bottom).

in fact, ray and saliers take more than a little inspiration from those champions of the quirky vocals, the roches. throughout rites of passage, the duo expands on the close harmony that has become its trademark.


1992-06-30: indigo girls find happiness off the charts, showbiz today:

scheerer: the video for 'galileo' poses the musical question, 'if you were in a plane crash in a past life, are you henceforth exempt?' that, and another song on the album, reflect emily's fear of flying.

ms. saliers: i thought i'd gotten it under control, just to the point where i had a little bit of sweat on palms, and that was it. but then, recently, i had a setback. there was like, this explosion in one of the engines on this plane i was on. and i was like, 'this is why i have this fear, because i'm going to die on an airplane, i know it!'


1992-07-05: virginia woolf influences show in indigos' new album, the knoxville news-sentinel:

saliers says she first heard the roches when she was baby-sitting as a teenager.

"i was really inspired by their harmonies and their wackiness," says saliers.

saliers sent her song "airplane" to the roches and they worked out an arrangement.

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