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2015-06-04: the way of the indigo girls: collaboration, support, community, no depression:

with this latest batch of compositions, saliers took a fairly linear and literal approach to songs like "elizabeth," "findlay, ohio 1968," and "alberta," forsaking poetic flourishes in favor of straight-up storytelling. even while her new tunes harken back to past efforts, they do so with gentle twists. "'alberta' is a pretty straightforward, sort of mid-tempo to slow, reflective song of mine, so it's very much of an ilk that i create a lot," saliers concedes, adding, "and it probably makes sense that some of the production would feel the same way ... although i think the notes that amy chose in her harmonies were different-sounding. under the words 'wild rose,' there's just a little bit of a different note choice and feeling to it."


2015-06-18: indigo girls' emily saliers talks about motherhood, her solo record and more, the ann arbor news:

q. you've said before that you often come up with album titles while in the studio. what made you decide on "one lost day"?

a. we had a lot of trouble coming up with this record title. when we did come up with names, we'd look on itunes and find that there were three or four things out there with that title already. ... the woman who did the artwork, the graphic design for the record, she came up with name, pulling it from the song "alberta." a lot of the record has travelogue vibe to it. it's about experience and memory and learning from past mistakes, so "one lost day" just resonated with a lot of the themes inside the record. and at that point, we said, "ok!" it's hard to name a record.


1996-06-22: indigo girls' emily saliers talks 'one lost day' and playing her atlanta hometown, the atlanta journal constitution:

the title of the new album is taken from the song "alberta," and saliers said she and ray were fortunate that their art designer suggested it as a contender.

"we really wanted to call the record 'field notes' because it's a travelogue record and representative of a journey and a culmination of our life on the road. but every time we came up with what we thought was a great idea, it was already taken!" saliers said. "but we realized 'one lost day' feels right. there's memory and loss on this record. the title resonated."

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