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2007-11-10: snowbird's swan song flies high, the ottawa citizen:

gal pals and friends who were stars themselves, as well as vocalists who had acknowledged murray's influence, were willing to commit to the project. suddenly half an album's worth of material was pencilled in.

"as it started to unfold, the guests all suggested songs they'd like to sing, and we had already decided they would be remakes of my hits. martina (mcbride) wanted to do danny's song, shania twain's choice was you needed me, and the indigo girls' first question was if a little good news was taken," said murray. once the sessions got going, she cut two tunes a day with ramone and a company of ace session players.


2008-03-09: anne murray teams with some of the top female vocalists for her latest cd, the columbus ledger-inquirer:

murray wanted to be in the same studio with as many of the women as she could. of the 17 performers, only four were unable to record with her.

"it was fun," murray said. "we had the orchestra right there and the band was there. we did two tracks a day, three hours at a time. we recorded in four different cities - los angeles, nashville, new york and toronto."

some of the recording artists were unknown to her. she was unable to work with georgia's indigo girls.

"they had just come off tour and when i talked to them, they were doing their laundry," murray said. "but they went into the studio the next day and did it. and what a great job they did. i was extremely pleased."

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