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1997-08-08: watson keeps bringing country back to basics, the arlington heights daily herald:

it's not that she doesn't write memorable melodies. "in the weeds" provides a likable bluesy holler, as malone pleads "if i can stay alive/i could be somebody tomorrow." indigo girls' amy ray and emily saliers help color "all my lifetime," with its heartfelt melancholia. most welcome is "my green thumb," which showcases malone's sincere, blustery blues voice. "i've got a garden/where i am growing patience," she sings on its soaring chorus.


1997-10-05: one from the heart, creative loafing:

flying solo allowed her more flexibility on devil moon, including the addition of three new songs: "grace," the first single; "my green thumb"; and "all my lifetime." she re-recorded "the edge," "which is a song i couldn't do with band de soleil. they didn't want to do it, they wanted to rock.


1998-03-27: solo act under a devil moon: malone enjoys moving on, the salt lake tribune:

originally, "beneath the devil moon" was recorded in 1995. a new label and financial problems delayed the record's release until 1997. by then, malone had written some new songs.

she produced and recorded four extra songs, including "all my lifetime," with the indigo girls.

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