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2013-03-27: girlyman's tylan in evanston may 11, the windy city times:

tylan is supporting her debut solo record, one true thing. the first single, "already fine," features amy ray of indigo girls.


2013-05-08: tylan goes solo, the windy city times:

wct: you worked with amy ray. how did that come together?

tylan: that was really cool. i was looking for a low harmony to that song. because i sing alto i thought it would be a guy singing that part but michael who produced the record suggested that i call amy ray. i thought that you don't hear that very often, two female voices singing in a very low register together.

i asked her and she came and totally nailed it of course, because she is amy ray. i love it. the song has a lot of depth to it and part of it is definitely her contribution.

wct: i've been fortunate to hang out with her a bit and i think the world of her.

tylan: she is such a good and passionate person. she really cares about people in the world. she puts her money where her mouth is and all of that. she is very inspiring.

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