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1999-11-22: indigo girls control the crowd with their penetrating poetry, the gazette:

throughout the show, they switched back and forth between ray's dark, slit-your-wrist songs and saliers' ebullient, carefree folk rock. the stormy, extended jam of ray's "chickenman" was followed by saliers' tender "andy" (which brought tears to ray's eyes when they recorded it) and "ozilline," a good-old girl, banjo-pickin, mandolin- strumming ode to ray's grandmother. the crowd nearly drowned out the duo on saliers' "least complicated," which led into ray's blistering "compromise," aching with despondency: "undress me now before i bend from the weight of everyman."


1999-11-xx: amy ray interview , rant n' rave:

do you have a favorite emily song on the new album?

amy: the one that affects me the most emotionally is "andy"... but i like playing "trouble" the most.


1999-12-17: (transcription) , yahoo chat:

question: what are your favorite songs to play in concert now?

indigo girls: amy: go, soon be to nothing. indigo girls: emily: ozilline, andy, and fay tucker.

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