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1997-09-26: musicians unite to defend mother earth, the tower:

naturally, the concert's theme revolved around indigenous issues. the show opened with john trudell reciting poetry accompanied by a native american chanter. next, jackson browne made a special appearance singing four sings, one of which from his new greatest hits collection.

after a 20-minute intermission, indigo girls took the stage, kicking off their set with their latest hit, "shame on you." they then dug deep into their repertoire to perform "tried to be true," a song from their first album.

during their eight-song set, indigo girls did not lose focus on the night's main purpose, including native american influenced songs like "scooter boys" and "shed your skin."

bonnie raitt, after another brief break, finished the concert off with a powerful and moving set. indigo girls joined her on stage for "angel from montgomery."

all the performers took the stage for a rousing final encore, reiterating the reason for their participation, with buffy saint-marie's "bury my heart at wounded knee."


2016-12-03: tedeschi trucks band welcome amy ray for grateful dead and bob dylan covers, jambands:

during ttb's set, which featured their regular mix of originals and covers like derek and the dominos' "keep on growing," leon russel's "delta lady" and santana's "soul sacrifice," ray came onstage with her guitarist jeff fielder for a run of "angel from montgomery" with an interlude of the grateful dead's "sugaree." ray and fielder would both later return to the stage for an encore performance of bob dylan's "you ain't goin' nowhere," with altered lyrics referencing standing rock from ray.


2016-12-03: tedeschi trucks band welcomes amy ray for grateful dead & bob dylan covers in boston, live for live music:

tedeschi trucks band kicked into gear for their second of three nights at the orpheum theatre in boston, massachusetts, closing out their final shows of 2016. with opening support from amy ray, the 12-piece powerhouse went straight into another fire performance stacked with originals and classic covers. half way through their lengthy set, amy ray joined in with her guitarist jeff fielder for an incredible john prine and grateful dead "angel from montgomery" > "sugaree" > "angel from montgomery" extended jam. she returned to the stage for a glowing second-song encore with a cover of "you ain't goin nowhere" by bob dylan.

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