lifeblood: songs: backgrounds: benny, the penny and i

1992-05: rites of passage tour program:


i was born in atlanta at grady hospital on april 12, 1964.

my parents urged me to play musical instruments at a very early age. i remember wanting to play the guitar because i liked to sing so much.

i wanted an instrument that would be very mobile. i took lessons at the ywca near my house. i listened to elton john, neil young, and all the psychedelic music coming from my oldest sister's stereo.

i attended laurel ridge elementary, where emily came to school when she was in the sixth grade. i knew about her because she would play songs in the cafeteria at lunch time. i mostly played out on the playground. i wrote a very silly song called "benny, the penny and i" that all my friends would sing with me. my writing stayed at about that level until i was well into my career. my high school years were spent running track, being in student government, and singing anywhere i could. little did i know what lay ahead....

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