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2011-09-30: amy ray on new indigo girls album, activism and her celebrity crush, the ga voice:

sh: what's on your ipod right now? what are you listening to?

ar: the replacements was the last thing that i was listening to. i just started listening to, the belle brigade... then, there's another artist that i love, lindsay fuller. she is a killer songwriter and i listen to her a bunch. it rotates between old and new.


2012-01-04: amy ray of indigo girls to play acoustic show in chattanooga,

(n): your current tour is acoustic. will you be playing any of the new songs? what can we expect to hear?

(ar): i will be joined by one of my favorite songwriters, lindsay fuller, who will be releasing her cd on dave matthews's label. lindsay will bring her dobro player, jeff fielder. we'll sit up there, all three of us, and trade off songs. i will probably do about five or six of the new songs, acoustic versions. i'll also pull out some country songs that i've written and never recorded. and i play other songs from each of my solo records.


2012-02-11: introducing lindsay fuller, altsounds:

the southern gothic troubadour, once described as "flannery o'connor with a telecaster" (twang nation), will embark on a string of shows to support her upcoming release you, anniversary, including appearances at sxsw and a west coast tour supporting amy ray of the indigo girls.

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