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1996-06-14: cash on the money, the washington post:

atlanta's don conoscenti has a clear, vibrant voice, a fluid, facile guitar style and a storyteller's eye for emotional detail, which combine to define the best songs on "boxes of bones." the approach is reminiscent of early don mclean and david wilcox, and the latter is indeed a pal, providing harmonies on several songs, including the ruminative "ring that bell." aside from the wicked parable "bambi's revenge" and the inquiry into misguided lives "why'd she do that," most of conoscenti's songs deal with the troubled topography of the heart, from the bloom of "she is the language" and the yearning "sky is crying" to the barrenness of "dandelions in the wind." though he gets some vocal assistance from wilcox, kristen hall, pierce pettis and emily saliers of indigo girls, conoscenti multi-tracks the soft-spun arrangements that highlight his distinctive lyrics.


1996-12-12: carter's music tells stories from her life, the cincinnati post:

don conoscenti - singer, songwriter and instrumentalist - performs friday at the southgate house as part of magus productions' coffee house series.

conoscenti, respected for expertise on half a dozen instruments, will be performing his own material from "boxes of bones," his latest release which features david wilcox, kristen hall and emily saliers of the indigo girls among others.


2000-09-07: carried away; iwu's blue moon charmer can't get enough of us (and vice versa), the bloomington pantagraph:

karen savoca with don conoscenti (oct. 28): a pre-halloween double-header, sans tricks, opens with conoscenti, a colorado-based singer-guitarist, and former sideman for tom paxton, ellis paul and dave wilcox. his signature style blends roots music forms using 12-string and 6-string acoustic steel guitars. in addition he performs on bass, keyboard, drums, flute, recorder, mandolin and harmonica. his own cds have featured collaborations with such luminaries as shawn mullins, emily saliers of the indigo girls and kristen hall.


2001-11-02: conoscenti, taylor jam at oona's, the rutland herald:

the show marks soul-folk artist don conoscenti's second return and eric taylor's first local performance, and both men will be serving up material from brand new cds. taylor will also be performing on wednesday, nov. 7, at the state of bean in ludlow.

conoscenti's eighth album, "paradox of grace" highlights his virtuosity on six and 12 string guitar, drums, steel guitar, bass, piano and several indigenous instruments ranging from the didgeridoo to the kalimba. he lives in colorado and frequently opens for the indigo girls. he has performed at the kennedy center in washington, d.c., and was a finalist for the national academy of songwriters' acoustic artist of the year.


2001-11-02: conoscenti breaks mold of traditonal folk artist, the press of atlantic city:

conoscenti once called atlanta his home, and he was part of the big "acoustic scene" there that boasted the indigo girls and drivin' n' cryin's kevn kinney.

"i felt atlanta really had it going on as far as acoustic music," conoscenti says. "but we never considered it folk."

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