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1999-09-xx: forever dusty!, (unknown):

2. indigo girls travel back to simplicity and harmony (and you've never heard amy sing so high!) with a classic early '50s style recording (all to one mic) of the anti-war traditional broken blossoms!

3. the butchies (featuring kaia wilson and melissa york formerly of team dresch) turn up the dbs on what's it gonna be-produced by indie rock legend chris stamey!


2000-05-09: forever dusty: homage to an icon, the advocate:

the white girls do dusty proud as well. jill sobule's take on "just a little lovin'" is irresistible; the butchies propel "what's it gonna be" into grrrl-rock territory; and jennifer kimball darkly reinterprets "chained to a memory." on the disappointing side, cath carroll makes "no easy way down" torpid; marti jones should have chosen something less daunting than "you don't have to say you love me"; and the indigo girls are earnest but dull on dusty's antiwar folk song "broken blossoms" (written by her brother tom).


2000-09-07: carried away; iwu's blue moon charmer can't get enough of us (and vice versa), the bloomington pantagraph:

karen savoca with don conoscenti (oct. 28): a pre-halloween double-header, sans tricks, opens with conoscenti, a colorado-based singer-guitarist, and former sideman for tom paxton, ellis paul and dave wilcox. his signature style blends roots music forms using 12-string and 6-string acoustic steel guitars. in addition he performs on bass, keyboard, drums, flute, recorder, mandolin and harmonica. his own cds have featured collaborations with such luminaries as shawn mullins, emily saliers of the indigo girls and kristen hall.


2000-07-06: forever dusty, seattle weekly:

this album also includes a few curveballs. indigo girls weigh in with "broken blossoms," an antiwar number even dusty diehards may not know. on "yesterday when i was young," two nice girls vet gretchen phillips unfurls a vocal so tender-yet-seasoned one hopes she'll record a whole album of author charles aznavour's songs. and although carole pope, formerly of rough trade (speaking of obscure canadian artists . . .) and springfield's lover for a spell, adds too many jagged edges to "soft core," the quasi-brechtian ditty serves as a powerful reminder of dusty's range as an interpreter.


2000-07-xx: mood indigo: an interview with emily saliers, the san diego gay and lesbian times:

glt: the indigo girls do a stunning cover of "broken blossoms" on the wonderful dusty springfield tribute disc forever dusty. can you tell me how you became involved in the project?

es: rebekah (radisch, the project's producer) is a very good friend of ours who we've known for years and years. we are dusty fans and have listened to her over the years. we love her voice and her interpretation, so it was kind of daunting to be doing a cover of a cover song that dusty did. we tried to pick one that was a little more obscure. we went in there and tried to give a little bit of a retro flair. we actually had a lot of fun. those vocal harmony "woo woos" in the background, we've never done that before. amy sings about as high as i've ever heard her sing on a recording. it was fun to do something totally different and do it for rebecca and do it for a good cause.

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