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1997-winter: caroline aiken, music reviews quarterly & mrg on disc:

for those who feel that associations are important, the title song features the indigo girls providing instrumental and vocal support, culminating in a nice a cappela chorus with a c,s & n feeling to it. yet as nicely as that's done, it's the other songs on butler field which will define caroline aiken. surely the adjectives "talented", "sincere", and "courageous" have to figure into that definition.


1998-01: caroline aiken, performing songwriter:

butler field kicks off with the rollicking, southern-boogie workout, "good intentions". it's followed by the title track, a pastoral, almost hymn-like tune that features the vocals and guitar of emily saliers and amy ray of the indigo girls. that should give you some indication of the range that aiken possesses.


1999-04-30: aiken heart, the portland oregonian:

caroline aiken's new album opens with a blast of billy gibbons-style boogie called "good intentions" but ranges widely through duets with the indigo girls on "butler field" and moody piano-based meditations such as "heart of knowing." aiken's expressive, smoky-dark voice and her considerable skill on guitar and piano beautifully serve her thoughtful, well-crafted songs.

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