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1992-spring: general foods international coffees radio program:

"i was walking around up in north georgia, in the mountains, and i came upon this settlement from the 1830's and there were all these cedar trees planted around these old chimneys. and a friend of mines' father said that back in those days a, a husband would a, plant a tree for every wife he'd had. and so um i wrote a song about it. 'cause there were bunch of trees up there."


1997-06-09: indigo girls: frequently asked questions, e-mail list:

6.2. what other music appears in the background of indigo girls songs?
in addition to their own unique harmonies, indigo girls have also integrated other tunes into their music. these include:
"mary had a little lamb" at the beginning of the guitar solo in "center stage", also hummed softly as amy sings "a joker's dance before the king"
a hymn, "let us break bread", at the end of "hammer and a nail" "twinkle twinkle little star" in "world falls", as amy sings "i'm laughing..."
beethoven's "ode to joy", as part of the guitar solo in "cedar tree"
a hymn, "this is my father's world" (also known as "this is our "father's house"), as the cornet solo in "hey kind friend", also played on dulcimer near the end of the song
other music which amy and emily have incorporated into their songs include a chopin nocturne at the end of "this train revised" and the native american hymn emily sings at the end of "jonas and ezekial".

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